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Evora cork is manufactured from a completely renewable raw material making Evora cork flooring eco-friendly in nature. Cork flooring is produced from cork which is harvested without damaging the cork oak tree. It is a by-product of wine cork, the remaining cork being used after primary production – no materials are wasted.  But, Evora cork flooring should not be associated with crumbly bulletin boards.  This is durable material, designed to stand up to the kinds of wear to which high-quality flooring of all kinds is subject.   Cork flooring is convenient to install, hard wearing and has good acoustic properties. Evora cork flooring has a built-in integral cork underlay for easy installation.

Evora Natural cork flooring are its patent Uniclic® locking system and a surface completely sealed with 3 coats of UV cured varnish.

Natural Cork Flooring has a distinguished structure comprising of tiny and consistent granule patterning. Classic and Burled varieties are available with a high quality glueless locking system. Classic Cork Flooring is characterized by a broad mixture of granule sizes in a random pattern. Wine Cork Flooring being a by-product features wasted cross-sections of wine bottle corks composed within a field of smaller granules. Burled cork floors display a mottled appearance.  The patterns in burled cork give the illusion of "movement" in the design, adding a unique dimension to each cork floor.

 Natural Features the Industry's Best Glueless Locking System - Uniclic™
 Burled and Classic Also Feature a Premium Glueless Locking System
 25 Year Structural Warranty
 3/8" (10 mm) x 12" x 35 1/2" Planks
 2.7 mm Top Layer with 3 coats High Quality UV varnish
 6 mm Moisture Resistant HDF core
 1.3 mm Integrated Underlayment - No Underlayment Required
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